Ableton Max for Live Virtual Instruments and Effects for Music Production

“I’m completely sold. Usually, with a client sitting behind me, I rarely have a moment to try out (much less learn) any new kit, but these devices are so cool right out of the box and immediately useful”

Charles "Chicky" Reeves

Producer, recording, mixing and mastering engineer. Prince, UB40, Ray Charles, Tito Puente, Johnny Cash, Radiohead, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Grace Jones, , UB40, etc., Sublime Recording Studio

“These are creative folks at Audioutlaw. They are constantly innovating. You might not know much about them yet but…look out!”

Bad Boy Bill

Award Winning DJ , Music Producer and Mixing Engineer

Noisr FX is a collection of stomp box style multi-effect units. You get gates, reverbs, filters, pitch shifters, and much more.  You can organize the effects as you like to craft your sound as you like. The video will give you a better idea.  Also, don’t forget the free noise generator Noisr, it’s a lot of fun!”

Afro DJ Mac

AfroDJMac is a New York based musician, producer, and Ableton Certified Trainer.


Kepler-16 is a 16-step sequencer designed to maximize musicality and ease of use. MIDI follow, scale restrictions, clip import and custom rhythmic patterns make this device a strong contribution from the Audioutlaw team. Created in collaboration with Ryan Stanley.

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Noisr-FX is a full suite of effects contained within a single plugin, with the added advantage of cross-synced oscillation rates, and the ability to change the order of the effects in the chain, on the fly, by simply turning a knob on your controller. These features are integrated with Audioutlaw’s classic pendulum ADSR controls to create an useful, expressive tool for any musician. Created in collaboration with Ryan Stanley.

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Generate interesting MIDI drum patterns on the fly. Easily create evolving rhythms, using pattern selectors, velocity and swing controls for Kick, snare and hi-hats, by simply turning a few knobs. This frees up your hands and your attention, allowing you to focus more intently on other aspects of your performance. Created in collaboration with Aleksander Koruga.

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Our first plugin released to the public! This is the device that brought us the famous “pendulum” ADSR controls we all know and love. Using this device, add useful types of noise to your tracks, in all their pulsing glory. Created in collaboration with Aleksander Koruga.

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Who we are

Audioutlaw was started by Certified Ableton Instructor Antonio Sage to create devices that would enhance our daily workflow. He teamed up with some amazing programmers, who helped work to make this goal a reality. They finally saw the opportunity to create the devices we wanted, when Max MSP was integrated with Ableton Live. It was an afterthought to make them available to the public. It was only after a few of the local DJ’s and Producers in Chicago expressed an interest that the idea came about.

The very first device was NoisR, which was brought to life in 2014 with the help of programmer Aleksander Koruga. It was a direct response to having to place white noise on every track they worked on.  The plugin proved to be very popular, leading Antonio to join forces with Isotonik Studios for further worldwide marketing. It was there that he met programmer Ryan Stanley, and the Audioutlaw we know today began to take shape. Since 2014 they have continued to release plugins, to a great reception by the music community. They have also been featured and supported by Ableton a few times.

“Our ambitions are big. But our aim still remains the same. To create tools that are useful, fun and beautiful to work with.” -Antonio Sage

Antonio Sage

ableton_certified_trainer_logo_transparent_bgCreative Director, Interface Design, Video Production

Antonio Sage is protean composer, multi-instrumental musician and practiced audio technologist. While holding the title of Certified Ableton Trainer on paper, Sage’s breadth of experience – years on the scene, and in the studio – make him a forceful contributor to the electronic music industry’s wildest imaginings.

Ryan Stanley

DSP Programming, Conceptual Expansion/Refinement 

Ryan Stanley is a long time electro-acoustic design enthusiast, and founder of the Invermere Collective. His time working within a closely-knit artist community, and his deep-rooted passion for sound, have left him with valuable experience designing acoustic, electric and digital instruments and effects, along with a wellspring of knowledge about the science of harmony and wave dynamics. His conceptual contributions and programming expertise bring Antonio’s ideas to life in lovely ways.

Ryan Stanley- Programmer

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