The Team

In 2009 Ableton Announced Max for Live (M4L). This opened the gateway for everyday musicians to develop their own devices to enhance their studio workflow.

It was during that time that Audioutlaw founder and Ableton Certified Trainer Antonio Sage started dreaming up ideas of his own. Living in Chicago’s Lakeview and working at legendary DJ BadBoyBill’s studio, Antonio and Bill brainstormed the first concept that might help streamline a repetitive task in the modern electronic studio workflow. It was from those sessions that NoisR was born. A pulsating noise generator that would activate on playback.

Another technological piece to this puzzle came in the form of a communication platform known as Facebook Messenger. It was on Messenger that Antonio reached out to potential programmers. He eventually found Aleksandar Koruga (based in Italy). Actually, Aleksandar had purchased an item from Antonio on eBay called “Monome” and the connection was furthered on Messenger.

This collaboration would end after the release of NoisR but then a new distribution channel would come in the form of Isotonik Studios (Based in England). It was through that Max for Live collective that Darren Crowley (its founder) would introduce Antonio to Ryan Stanley of WaveDesigns (Based in Florida).

While Antonio Sage was the Conceptualizing force behind the next collaborations Ryan Stanley was the brains behind them. NoisR FX and Minis rounded out what is now called "The Noise Designer Collection". Ryan was also involved in the design of their flagship Kepler 16 Sequencer. In 2007 the team took on the challenges of creating a new Midi visualization system. A Swiss Army Knife for Midi production studios. MIA (Midi Input Assistant) was born. It took more than a year of development. During that time a new member joined the team. It was through Messenger that Darren Crowley also introduced the enigmatic Chaos Culture to Audioutlaw.

It was his new ideas that would help finalize the long awaited MIA concept. The collaboration now continues with the latest Kepler 16 Pro. A new hands on Push Integrated Sequencer!

Wait until you see what's coming up next!

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