Just press play...

and turn a few knobs and you have a groovy drum machine.

The knobs come pre-assigned to control and change;

A) The patterns per instrument.
B) Level per instrument
C) Pitch of each instrument
D) The sound from a bank of 127 custom made samples per instrument.

Boots N Kats comes with 64 Pre-programmed drum grooves per instance but you can edit each groove to suit your own needs.
It is fully Customizable!
If you do not like the assignments that we have chose then that’s ok because those are 16 fully customizable knobs!
They can control ANYTHING in Ableton! They are just like Macros knobs!
Use the included custom made for Boots N Kats Drum Rack Drum Kit or use your own. It's still gonna sound groovy and easy to have a constantly changing drummer.

The true beauty of this drum machine comes when you use a Midi Controller. One with 16 knobs and 4 buttons is ideal.

Any midi controller is supported but we recommend the DJTechTools Midi Fighter Twister (We do not get paid for this btw) for a few reasons.

We will be making videos to demonstrate how seamless the combination is. We strongly feel that the combination of a Midi Fighter Twister and Boots N Kats is the best little hybrid drum machine for under $250