A new hands on sequencer that is built for seamless hardware/software integration using Ableton Push.


A highly musical improvisational sequencer with a simple, familiar interface.

Kepler 16 Pro and Ableton Push is the closest thing to a knob-based hardware Arpeggiator/Sequencer available today.

With it’s Ableton Push inspired user interface, there is absolutely no guesswork regarding what you are looking at on your Push Device Mode and on Kepler’s new interface. In fact, it is one and the same.

When we started developing Kepler, our vision was to not fall into the trap of making yet another overcomplicated sequencer. Inspired by the knob-based choices available in the modular synth world, we felt that there was a need for this kind of immediate control in the Ableton world.

Whether you choose to use a controller or not Kepler Pro is designed to be intuitively simple to understand and most of all a very musical creative tool for any style of music creation.

***This Software Requires Max For Live***

Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 (or later)

PC with Windows 7 (or later)

Multicore processor


1024x768 display

Refund Policy

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