Music can save the world!

Imagine if everybody had the opportunity to experience the joy of music creation. Even those that do not consider themselves musical, imagine that they were at leisure enough with themselves and their lives to just be able to pick up a new instrument and learn how to express themselves with it.
I am a lifelong musician and I cannot imagine living without that vital memory of placing my fingers on a piano and experiencing that sound for the first time!
I believe that when folks experience the rumble of the vibration and the power in their hands coming from an Emin chord to an A… they no longer feel like building weapons because guitars are way cooler!
I support the notion that even though we might have opposing views we might all be able to pick up instruments and respect each other’s playing technique. Yeah, musicians can do that.
I wholeheartedly believe that when keeping the steady downbeat with another human builds a bond that makes musicians more empathetic.
So, if we follow these ideas to their natural conclusion we are left with the need to encourage more and more people to pick up different instruments. To sing! Play the drums, Start a Eurorack system!
That in itself could potentially change the world.

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