Featuring a user interface that expands upon the NOISR look and feel.

A Guitar Pedal-like interface where the effects can be rearranged.

The same Kandinsky inspired NOISR ADSR’s for the FILTR and AUTOGATE modules.

Blend noise (from the original NOISR)

Includes 4 new tunable waveforms (Square, Saw, Triangle and Sine).

Modules included:

1) FILTR - (A sweet sounding multimode filter with a similar interface to the one used in NOISR)

2) AUTOGATE - (Time synced pulses summon the power of "The Force” out of your audio input).

3) DRIVE - (a sweet overdrive distortion).

4) RING - modulator

5) PITCH - A nice sounding pitch detection engine. Surprisingly useful

6) ECHO - featuring a panoramic knob and a reverse button!

7) REVERB - A lush sounding verb with a snowflake icon freeze button

8) LIMITR - Your welcome! I am talking to your speakers here

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.46.47 PM