A simple tempo synced noise generator for your Ableton set!

Just add NoisR to an Ableton midi track and press play.

NoisR will start generating tempo synced noise bursts!

The ADSR’s and the Rate Knob will adjust the length and the time division of the sound generation..

The Level Knob Controls the volume The round center of the volume knobs graphic is a menu that allows you to scroll through the 9 different waveforms by clicking and dragging the orb.


Waveforms include White Noise, Pink Noise, Cellular Automation, Crowd Noise, Etc You can easily control the device through its lovely interface or any controller that supports midi control change. There is also a Noisr for Lemur template for IPad control.

NoisR also maps beautifully across Ableton’s Push Controller.

NoisR features a great sounding 4 Pole filter with its own ADSR section. The Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release section was developed with a unique “Pendulum” Graphic Interface.

This artful approach to ADSR provides a sleek and logical representation to easily craft your signal in the time domain.

Lastly, the built-in Limiter allows you to pump the resonance without fear of blowing your monitors

Everything is of course fully mappable and automatable using Ableton Live and your favorite midi controller!