Boots N Kats (Automatic Automatic Drum System)


Boots N Kats is the perfect drum machine for musicians and live performers who want to compose rhythm sections quickly. Featuring an intelligent automatic algorithm that provides endless pattern combinations for spontaneous improvisational workflows.
Packed with a sample library of 400+ meticulously sampled drum sounds–this automatic drum system seamlessly integrates with Drum Rack in Ableton Live 10 Suite.
Our goal was to provide the ultimate Drum Machine for the electronic music creator. One that rivals and perhaps exceeds standalone hardware units in terms of sound and flexibility. Boots N Kats features a simple, familiar but powerful fully automatable interface.


Instant rhythm composing—on the fly—for studios and live performances.

What it is:
A fully automatic drum machine, with the flexibility to customize features to your preferences.

How we use it:
Add additional randomized drum programming to any track, adding sonic character by chance.

Why it’s cool:
A plug and play device, simplifying complex drum programming, with zero latency, while the groove always remains synchronized.

Audioutlaw | Boots N Kats – Automatic Drum System
The perfect drum machine for musicians and live performers who want to compose rhythm sections, quickly—featuring a suite of innovative and useful automation tools, packed with a meticulously crafted sample library of 400+ drum sounds—this automatic drum system seamlessly integrates with drum racks in Ableton Live 10 Suite.Create polyrhythmic textures at the touch of a button, making complex drum programming fast and simple.Instant Rhythm Composer | Automate, Randomize, or Sequence

  • Load the default drum kit, move pattern knobs, get multiple variations the patterns in seconds
  • Featuring an easy to use sequencer, the pop-up window will allow multiple note entry with one mouse swipe

Full Featured Controls | Customizable 

  • Module knob controls are defaulted to sample selection, tuning, and drum level
  • Re-map these module knob controls to your preferences using the built-in macros


  • Randomizers: Perform and improvise variations on your patterns
  • Interface: Simple, uncluttered, and intuitive
  • Master Knob: Chains all of the pattern knobs together
  • Automatic Knob: Chains and Controls all pattern knobs together
  • Song Mode Button: Enables plugin for use in song mode
  • Drum Sounds: 400+ meticulously sampled sound collections
  • Fully Automatable: External hardware control with Ableton’s MIDI map mode
  • Independent Rate Drop Down: Provides access to more interesting polyrhythms
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