🎹  MIA (Midi Input Assistant) – A Swiss Army Knife type midi utility (comes as a standalone + Max4Live)

 Four Midi Information Visualizers

  1. Keyboard – Visualize every note on a virtual keyboard as you play your midi instrument.
  2. Guitar Fretboard – Visualize every note on a virtual fretboard as you play your midi instrument.
  3. Grid – Use when you are a grid user (Push, LaunchPad) and you need to visualize the notes on each pad.
  4. Notation – visualize your incoming midi as notation + interactive Circle of fifths and a host of valuable data to help you navigate your midi life.

The Standalone MIA packs the entire suite for non-Ableton users and anyone who uses and needs advanced MIDI information.

MIA Modules include the  Scale Restrictions  feature You choose a root note, and scale > MIA will lock to that = no wrong notes.


    A musical data monitor for the modern musician.

    What it is:
    A Max For Live patch, fully-featured MIDI monitor and information center incorporating a robust selection of utilities.

    How we use it:
    Use In Key mode to send MIDI data only within a chosen scale.

    Why it’s cool:
    A centralized musical information center, allowing translation of note data between several instruments, including the ability to automatically correct your playing pitch-wise.
    Reverb Exclusive | Audioutlaw – MIDI Input Assistant

    A Musical Monitor for Modern Musicians – MIDI Input Assistant (MIA) is a fully-featured MIDI Monitor and Information Center with a generously effective selection of real-time data displays.

    Featuring a Piano Keyboard, Guitar Fretboard, Virtual Ableton Push and Score Notation displays, MIA also includes interactive Circle of Fifths and Hertz conversion charts. This distinct musical utility employs a prominent Heads-Up-Display, which while highlighting real-time incoming musical data, can also correct your playing to a chosen root, key, and/or modal scale.

    Key Features:
    Max For Live Patch *Requires Max For Live*
    Monitor, convert, and provide MIDI input for musical projects
    Translate note data between Piano Keyboard, Guitar Fretboard, Virtual Ableton Push Display, Score Notation, Circle of Fifths, MIDI to Hertz, MIDI CC, Program Change, Aftertouch, and a BPM Calculator
    In Key mode can send MIDI data within a specified key and display only available notes in that scale
    Piano Keyboard, Guitar Fretboard, and Push Grid with expanded MIDI view display that act as virtual MIDI controllers
    The Chord Recognition feature detects the notes you are playing and generates a display of possible chord combinations
    Similar to tablature, both Piano Keyboard and Guitar Fretboard have a graphic note display, highlighting all the notes on the instruments
    Each string on the Guitar Fretboard can be customized to a specified tuning
    Interface features modular windows independently resizable
    Selectable graphical interface color-way preference
    Convenient compatiblity with any MIDI controller